A New Way to Networking Online and in Person

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A New Way to Networking Online and in Person

For many virtual assistants, networking is the lifeline of our businesses, so how can we make this process painless? I stumbled across this site a few months ago and decided to try it. I acquired two new clients and I want to share what it is and how it works. This company is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, so it’s local.


Align yourself with potential clients.

Alignable.com is one of the best networking tools I’ve come across in a very long time. Here is an excerpt from their website.

We believe Local businesses are stronger together so we built the free social network for local businesses.  It’s the place where you can go to connect and collaborate with other business owners like you who are nearby, in your industry, or members of groups that you belong to.” 


Here’s what to expect when you join Alignable:

1) We will start by placing you and your business in the neighborhood where your business resides. Since 80% of local business customers come from nearby, we thought this would be a great place for you to get started.  We will introduce you to the other businesses nearby but you can pro-actively build out your connections on the connect tab.  Go there to send connection requests to those you would like to get to know or invite businesses in your network that are not yet on Alignable.

2) Your home page on Alignable is your Neighborhood page.  This is a scrolling digest of the various conversations and promotions that local businesses nearby are involved in.  When it comes to a question that benefits from local knowledge (how to get a sign approved, find part-time help or an accountant) there is no better source for that information than other business owners nearby. In addition, you will see promotions and events that other local businesses are running to drive traffic.  Sharing what you are up to makes others more aware of what your business has to offer, gives other businesses the opportunity to share it with their customers, and may spark ideas from other businesses on ways that you can work together to create events that showcase multiple businesses and drive more combined traffic.  

3) At the top of the neighborhood page, you will find a post control block where you can start a discussion, post what you are doing to promote your business, and the ability to send an urgent alert to the neighborhood.  The Neighborhood Alert is a great way to inform your fellow business owners about thefts, shoplifting activities, emergencies and other time sensitive information.  If you see a conversation going on in the neighborhood that you have an opinion on, can add value to, or just want to reiterate what someone else has said, just click on the comment section and add your perspective.  The more you share the stronger you all become.

Joining is free, getting started is easy, and being a part of your local business community is priceless.”

Check out this fast, easy way to network with local businesses. I used it and now have many connections within my area. After you try it, leave a comment in the comment section and let us know how it works.


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