Member Spotlight – Anne Bole

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Member Spotlight – Anne Bole

This month’s member in the spotlight is Anne Bole and her virtual business is

What’s Your Priority VA Services, LLC.


Anne has over 25 years in the corporate world as a Personal Computer IT professional and 6 years as a campground owner/manager. She loved the campground business, but the economy wasn’t doing well enough to support that kind of business. She looked for a job, but was told she had too much experience! She spoke to a friend over lunch and the friend asked her to make a skills list and then suggested she become a Virtual Assistant. Anne says, “I had never heard of it before (but I do remember saying to friends in the past that I wish I could work from home and utilize my skill set). I scoured the internet and found so much info on Virtual Assisting I was overwhelmed and that was my start.”

Although Anne’s specialization has changed over the past 4 years, she currently specializes in General Administration, Infusionsoft and AWeber, Webinar Creation, Podcasting and Video Creation, Business Systems and Procedures.

Anne’s background goes back several years to when she worked in Information Systems and managed Wang systems for the Corporate Offices that included training and support. Upgrading to Personal Computers on a company-wide basis, her team was responsible for hardware installation, software training and client support. She always loved helping the users find new ways to do their jobs more efficiently.

Anne says, “At the end of my corporate career I became an entrepreneur as a small campground owner/manager in NH for 6 years and computerized the former owners systems to make my job easier. All these experiences helped me form a successful VA business.”

What makes Anne’s business, What Your Priority VA Services, LLC. stand out from the rest? Anne says she is enthusiastic about it and she loves to assist other small business owners to find their passion and spend time doing it. I do many of the items they don’t like or want to do, because it is what I like to do it.

Her advice to anyone, who wants to start a virtual business is “Go for it!” She says, “It is the most rewarding job I have held in my career. I am my own boss; I can pick my clients, set my prices and love the job I do. I have networked with some amazing Virtual Assistants from all over the world including Dubai and Venezuela and I find it is the most collaborative group of people I know. I have found numerous volunteer opportunities with New England Virtual Assistants as Secretary and also volunteer for the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) as Director of Member Resources.

Anne’s advice to every virtual business owner is, “Networking is the key to success. NEVA is a great networking group. I joined as an aspiring member, attended the conference calls and luncheons, and signed up for a weekend workshop in Boston on Building your VA business. I got my first job referral from this workshop and have been working with this client for 4 years. I also belong to a NH networking group called Women Inspiring Women NH. This group has also been invaluable to my business success.


Written by Jo Ann Plante


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