Member Spotlight – Christine Williams

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Member Spotlight – Christine Williams

This month’s member in the spotlight is Christine Williams of Dragonfly Business Services.

Christine started her virtual assistant business, because she was laid off from a job she hated going to. According to Christine, “The layoff was a blessing in disguise.” I think some of us can relate to her feelings. Her specialty is being an Administrative Assistant. Christine says, “I’m an administrative assistant. I like doing the tasks that not many people like to do. I’ve found a lot of small business owners are wasting a lot of time on social media, newsletters, and website changes that they shouldn’t be doing. That’s the kind of work that needs to be outsourced. A business owner should be focusing on the reason they started their business and leave the administrative work to me.”

When asked about how her background fits into her virtual business, Christine, with her great sense of humor says, “I worked in the legal field forever, or so it felt like it. I remember in grammar school thinking how cool it was to be a secretary — on LA Law.  I worked as a Legal Assistant (once called a Legal Secretary) for over 20 years. I’ve learned a lot about the different types of law and the court system and how it runs.  I also learned a lot about real estate, which I really enjoyed.

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What makes Christine and Dragonfly Business Services stand out from the rest? Christine specializes in helping real estate agents and attorneys.  However, she also has helped a lot of different small businesses including business coaches, dog trainers, and other Virtual Assistants. She enjoys what she does and the biggest satisfaction is being able to help a small business owner, who is overwhelmed, and see their business take off, once those tasks are off of their shoulders.

The advice Christine would give to anyone starting a virtual business is,I would strongly suggest finding a mentor. I never in a million years thought that I would one day run my own business and be able to work from a home office, so that I had the flexibility I needed for my family.  When I first started, I had a great mentor, who helped me through the ups and downs of starting a business and has been there for me, when I need her. I also joined NEVA, which was a great decision. I have made friends with a lot of the members. I think it’s also important to know there are others out there and you’re not alone!”

Dragonfly Business Services
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