Member Spotlight — Jeannette Tibbetts

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Member Spotlight — Jeannette Tibbetts

This month’s member in the spotlight is Jeannette Tibbetts of JTypePlus.


I’m Jeannette Tibbetts and my company name is JTypePlus. Let’s start this interview by explaining my business name: JT is for Jeannette Tibbetts…who types plus a whole lot more! Kooky, I know. And difficult to pronounce if you don’t know the story (did that stop Nike…who knew you had to pronounce the “e”?). If I could go back seven years and rename my company, I would.

Why did you decide to start a virtual business?

Back in 2009, I realized I could write grants for my husband-at-the-time’s (HATT) church restoration company (I could contact the churches and offer to procure grants and charge his company for my time…the plan was to get him more work during the Great Recession). Well, it didn’t quite work out that way—grant writing is a PIA, and securing grants is not a sure thing.

But, the idea of working from home for small businesses really clicked with me. I already was doing my HATT’s administrative work. Why not find a few solo entrepreneurs/micro-businesses in need of administrative help?

What is your niche or specialization?

I hate the word “niche.” One of my first memories of the first year in business was at a NEVA Luncheon in CT. Everyone was talking about their niche. I didn’t have one then. And I don’t have one now. I do have a target market—solo entrepreneurs and micro-businesses…often those who have events they need to market, but not always.

What is your background and how does it fit into your virtual business?

My background is secretarial…went to a community college and received an Associate’s in Secretarial Science, way back in 1980—before computers, cell phones; shorthand was still taught! I worked for a law firm, a construction company, temped and finally a consultant. That’s when my official secretarial career ended—I had babies and stayed home (doing HATT’s administrative work). While working, I always jumped at any opportunity to educate myself (at the expense of the company for which I was working). In 2009, while hanging with my best friend, I learned social media with our laptops atop our laps and haven’t stopped learning since.

What makes you and your business stand out from the rest?

I don’t think my business stands out “from the rest.” I don’t think there are enough Virtual Assistants to worry about that. And every VA company offers different services.

What advice would you give to a person who wants to start a virtual business?

Pick services that you REALLY want to do. Don’t do stuff you don’t want to do. That’s one of the best parts of being a Virtual Assistant. You can pick and choose.

And don’t overthink starting your business. Just find a few small businesses that need administrative help (there are so many out there!)…you’ll know right away if you connect with them. Price your services reasonably at the beginning and make it a policy that your prices will increase yearly.

And keep learning…you want to stay ahead of your target market.

JTypePlus in Western MA
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