Monetizing Social Media 101: Twitter for Businesses

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Monetizing Social Media 101: Twitter for Businesses

By Jacqueline Davis, NEVA Member and owner of

In Monetizing Social Media 101, we help you zero in on the best social platforms for your business–and how you can use them to increase your business’ bottom line. This week we focus on catapulting your customer connections and engagement with Twitter. Your business can use Twitter to personally connect with customers on an instantaneous basis, or, if you’re in B2B, foster relationships with other business owners throughout the world.

140 Characters to Connect with your Audience

Unimpressed with Twitter? You may think most users fill their 140 character posts with casual, banal TMI–but in the world of business, Twitter is a whole different ballgame. On Twitter, your business can:

  • Advertise and promote products and events for free.
  • Communicate directly with your customers.
  • Search out and connect with qualified leads.
  • Connect with and build relationships with influencers in your industry.
  • Circulate your content marketing to a larger audience.

Unlike typical Twitter users, your business Twitter account should be focused on your customer’s needs. It’s never all about you–it’s all about servicing your customer. Think of Twitter as an extended customer service platform. Stay attentive to what users post on you and respond to everything–good and bad comments. Don’t be afraid of addressing sticky customer issues. Openly resolving customer complaints looks good on your virtual record. Retweet customer kudos’ or mentions of using your products. You can even use Twitter polls to get specific, immediate feedback from your followers. By just posting alone, you can be your own social media PR–but you can do far more than just blast your news to the world on Twitter.

Searching Twitter

You can use the search function on Twitter to find and connect with qualified leads; people who are looking for the information you provide and Tweeting about your area of business or related subjects.  You can also hunt down conversations that are relevant to your industry and join in–this will help you get your voice out there to people who are interested in your field–but it can also connect you with influencers in your industry. Twitter users use #’s to make it easier to find subjects they are interested in. For example, searching #blogtips and #sales brings up Tweets focused on upping bloggers sales.

twitter 2

Visual Marketing on Twitter

Don’t forget about the visual elements of your Twitter page. Not only do you have a gallery you can fill with eye-catching, relevant imagery (images you Tweet go into your gallery) but you can also customize your background on your main page with your logo, tagline and branding.

Live Video with Periscope and

Do you like putting a human face on your business? Video apps allow you to stream live video to your Twitter followers. Periscope lets you broadcast live video from your phone on Twitter–you can broadcast to the public or a select group of followers. You can show people exclusive content by broadcasting product launches, contests, tutorials, live Q & A’s…anything you can dream up that’s relevant to your customer base. allows you to stream live conversations with up to four different people–you can host a focused talk with experts in your fields, have employees give feedback to common customers FAQ’s, or even invite your customers to come into the broadcast themselves and ask you questions.

If your business has reached the point where you’re considering outsourcing your social marketing, ask us about Virtually Here’s time and money saving Social Concierge service. And if you’ve decided to jump into the Twitter stream to connect with your customers, give us a shout over @VirtuallyHereMA.

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