Social Media Mania, Maniacs & Manics

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Social Media Mania, Maniacs & Manics

What management platform do you use, if you use one at all?

Is Google+ worth using?

What’s the scoop on #s (“hashtags” for those not tweeting)?

These are just a few of the topics we discussed on a recent New England Virtual Assistants Members-only Call.

Participants included Monica Bentley (Simple Wizardry), Jackie de Boer (Accredited Virtual Assistance), Jeannette Tibbetts (JTypePlus), Christine Williams (Dragonfly Business Services), Shannon Vanasse (Indispensable Online Inc.), Carolle St. Fleur-Carey (Nick of Time Executive Services)

Social Media Management Programs

hootsuiteHootsuite seems to be the most-used management program. It’s easy to add multiple streams so you can see all that is happening in your social media accounts. Jackie does not use Hootsuite for Facebook (which has a convenient scheduling tool already) because she’s heard that if you use a third-party to post on Facebook, fewer people will see your posts. Hootsuite is best for Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Other Management Programs:
• Buffer
• TweetDeck
• SproutSocial—no one has used it…have you? Let us know what you think.

Social Media Scheduling

Jeannette has an issue with the scheduling aspect of social media…she describes it as being “too mechanical.” But Jackie explained that there’s a happy medium—schedule some posts and then go in and do hands-on posting. Christine explained that some of her clients intend to post but never get around to it, so they’re not putting out their stuff at all…which is why she recommends scheduling. And she uses a spreadsheet to keep track of what’s good to post and when.


Jackie said Google has taken resources away from G+ and is fading.


Monica said she was at a meeting recently, and the group was asked to show hands of who is using Twitter—very few hands. Jackie said she thinks Twitter is the most misunderstood social network. Twitter BirdJeannette thinks Twitter is full of junk tweets (and she swears that’s due to scheduling). Christine said Twitter is more of a conversation (than, say, Facebook), and Jackie added it’s a great place to post blogs.

Then we discussed hashtags (#)…which make Twitter functional according to the group. Jeannette thinks a lot of people just don’t “get” them.

Someone asked “Can you make up your own?” #ChristineWilliamsRockstheWorld …people probably won’t be searching that. Use something that people will be searching; it’s best to do a search before using. Events (like conferences, expos, etc.) often decide on a hashtag at the beginning of the marketing process.

  • Use hashtags that your target marketing is using; consider who will be using it.
  • Add your geographic location (i.e., #NewEngland)
  • “Follow” tip: Search a # and follow those who are using it
  • Avoid using a too many
  • Use as part of a sentence (i.e., “What are your #goals #construction #SouthShoreMA”)

More Twitter insights:

  • Putting a quote on Twitter—due to character limitation, if your quote is long, it will be cut off. So, take a piece of the quote and link back to a webpage/blog
  • Block the bots! Jeannette loves blocking bots—just check your Followers. If the bio is trying to sell you a million Followers or the profile is still an egg, then most likely a bot. Block ‘em! And Jeannette insists that if everyone would do this, Twitter can get cleaned up!
  • Talking #? Jeannette doesn’t think it’s cool…but sometimes it’s necessary to use with your kids added Christine (hashtagMomIsCrazy)


Jackie stated Instagram recommends 10 hashtags per post! “It’s a different beast.” instagramGuess how many characters are allowed on Instagram (Twitter allows 140)…guesses included 240, 360, and of course, Christine’s “Bob Barker, I’m gonna go with 266.”
Drum roll…the answer is 2,200 characters!

BTW, Instagram is based on photographs and videos (can do up to a 1 minute video); the characters are used to describe the photo/video. Instagram is probably good for real estate agents.


Jackie said it’s for professional and hiring/job posting. Christine successfully uses it by sending “congrats” to people for work anniversaries, birthdays, etc.


Monica talked about using LinkedIn Pulse to post her blogs. Basically, it’s like a WordPress site, and you can post the whole blog (not just a snippet).linked in pulse

Monica had some great tips on posting blogs and SEO; be sure to join the October Show & Tell call!


Good for remodeling, home improvement, design. None in the group really uses it yet, though Monica has recently set up an account.

Final Thoughts on Social Media

Carol says she’s “clearly slacking on social media” (but she learned a lot on this call!). She asked if there was one social network that you had to focus on, which one would it be? The resounding response is “It depends upon your target market.” Jeannette’s general rule:

Targeted ads on Facebook…great idea and you can change it if it’s not working. But Jeannette’s understanding is paid ads/boosting is generally seen by people who are paid to Like the posts (and she shared an article from the Telegraph “Like Farms and How They Operate” which states that an MIT Technology Review showed likes are likely to be fake and Facebook may not be an ideal medium for marketing).

Next Members-only Call is October 12, 2016; topic is SEO—be sure to register!

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