Southern NH Business Expo, Oct 2013

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Southern NH Business Expo, Oct 2013

The Southern NH Expo took place on Thursday, October 17th in Milford, NH. Thank you to all our sponsors!Southern NH Expo
Part of our mission is to educate the public that Virtual Assistants are out there and how we can help businesses grow. We got that message across very well this year thanks to a planning session we had at the Worcester luncheon.

We had beautiful color brochures this year, changed our message and how we interact and had a busy socialmedia campaign that gained many followers. It was great to get in front of the public again and talk about our members and the VA industry as a whole. This year we noticed that more and more people know what a VA is but they are not exactly sure what they do. We spent our time explaining the many different specialties provided by our membership.


Southern NH Business Expo

Bernadette Raftery, Jeannette Tibbetts, Monica Bentley, Christine Bearse

We also talked to some businesses who are interested in reciprocal referrals and we’ll be looking further into that.


The following people helped set up, man and break down the booth; Anne Bole, Jeannette Tibbitts, Bernadette Raffery, Christine Bearse and Monica Bentley. We had a surprise visit by Sue Peel who lives in NH.
Photo: Bernadette Raffery, Jeannette Tibbets,
Monica Bentley and Christine Bearse. Anne Bole not available for photo.

We had lots of conversations with business owners as well as some other organizations that may be good partners for us.


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